The Licks

The Licks are a band from Hesperia, CA, that began as a project between vocalist and guitar player Chad Zappia and former drummer Thomas Bateman. Soon after, bassist Jimmy Rogers and guitarist Paul Haston, who both played in a band called "The Overstreets" with Chad, joined the band along with multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Chandler James. Citing a wide range of influences like Stevie Wonder, Vulfpeck, and The 1975, the band has developed a dynamic, lush sound, led by complementary dueling vocals, thoughtful playing across several guitars and keyboards, all held together with a tight, funky rhythm section. The Licks exude talent and work ethic, which audiences have taken quick notice of since they came together in 2017. The band's reach has extended far and beyond their hometown in the High Desert, evidenced by millions of streams on YouTube and Spotify, and shows all across California, supporting bands like The Wrecks, The Drums, and Bay Faction. As for the future, The Licks recently added saxophonist Rylan Scott to their lineup, and beyond Escorted Trips 2019, they'll be preparing to play Goldenvoice's Tropicalia in November!

Martin Sohikish