Ignant Benches

Ignant Benches is a band from Chula Vista, California. Comprised of Vocalist/Guitarist Anson Kelley, his cousin Andres Tistoj on Lead Guitar, Mauro Rocha on Drums, and Ruben Gutierrez on Bass, the band has developed a loyal following, attributing their success to the raw energy that both their recorded material and live shows are known for. The talented group has been playing since they were in middle school, and for the uninitiated, it’s worth noting that this was just a few years ago, back in 2015! Since then, they’ve made waves locally, consistently being featured on 91x, playing shows all over the county, and supporting international acts like Foster the People and Louis XIV. 2019 has already been a busy year for the band - fresh off the release of their debut album, Wishful Thinking (At Its Best), Ignant Benches embarked on a west coast tour that kicked off at home, taking them as far north as Vancouver, and everywhere in between.

Ignant Benches performed at the inaugural Escorted Trips festival at the Ché Café in 2018, and we’re excited to have them back for this year’s festival on September 28th, at the World Beat Center!

Martin Sohikish